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Volunteer Tasks for Everyone!

There’s always something to do, tasks big and small, every bit of help is appreciated! See below some of the ways to sign up and volunteer for the West Campus Gala today!

At the Gala

March 2nd - Day of Help

  • 1 hour shifts
  • 2 hour shifts
  • Entire Event


Any time! Call, email, drop off letters.

  • Call local businesses
  • Email requests
  • Fill out donation or sponsorship forms
  • Collecting, coordinating, picking up or delivering donations
  • Data Entry of donations into database


Work on a team

  • Graphic Design
  • Transportation
  • VIP Cocktail Reception
  • Volunteer Organizer
  • Hospitality
  • Sponsorship/Donor Committee

Common Questions

As our capacity at the venue is limited and our goal is to raise as many funds as possible, our free volunteer tickets are prioritized by level of commitment and volunteer time. The priority goes to our volunteers who are serving or leading committees, obtaining donations and sponsorships, and giving more than a full day of commitment. For those volunteers who have limited capacity and can only commit to less than 8 hours of work, such as volunteering for a single shift at the event, we are offering discount tickets, free drinks at the event, or other event benefits TBD.

A great place to start is by checking out our Gala SignUp page here:

You can also find more information here:

No! Our event and the work we’ll be doing do not involve students or the campus. Therefore, no volunteer clearance is needed.

Yes! The volunteer tasks are plentiful and a grandparent can easily make phone calls or drop off our donation letters around town to help solicit support and donations. We will have bags to stuff and items to tag, organize, and set up or prepare in advance- stuff anyone of any age can help with.

Yes, we’ve already confirmed with several service organizations on campus including NHS that our event will count towards service hours. Please contact with service hour questions.

Ready to Volunteer

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