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Join us! With your support at this level, you are provided with eight tickets to our event. If you can’t make it, that’s okay- the tickets will be used for our teachers and staff!

Program Inclusion

As a supporter of the West Campus Gala, you will receive a featured placement in our printed program booklet.

More than just a schedule, our program is a valuable resource attendees keep long after the event. It’s a trusted guide they’ll reference throughout the evening, making your brand highly visible at every turn.

Here’s how your sponsorship can shine:

  • Targeted reach: Connect with over 200 attendees, all with a vested interest in West Campus supporters.
  • Enhanced brand visibility: Prominent logo placement on the cover, inside pages, or dedicated sponsor section.
  • Lead generation opportunities: Include website or social media links to drive traffic and capture valuable leads.
  • Halo effect by association: As a supporter of West Campus, your organization will benefit from 

Beyond basic listings, we offer a variety of sponsorship packages to customize your program presence. From full-page ads to interactive inserts, we’ll help you create a standout message that resonates with your target audience.

Bonus tip: Enhance your program presence by offering a special discount or promotion in the program, further incentivizing engagement.

Enjoy the benefits of all of our previous tiers but with the added bonuses of:

  • Upgraded Program Inclusion: Our final upgrade to the program. Have your business featured in a full age ad for all those attending to see. 
  • Emcee Mention at Gala: In the evening, your business will get a special thanks during our speech. 

Premium Wine – a bottle of red & bottle of white, each with a minimum value of $50, for your table to enjoy!

Cocktail reception.

Digital communications!

Be featured on all our digital communication channels with a hyperlink to your website!

  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook

And possibly inclusion on the Principal’s weekly newsletter