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The WCFE 2024 Gala

More information on the annual fundraising event for the West Campus High School Fundraising event, coordinated, orchestrated and made possible by the West Campus Foundations for Excellence and many amazing volunteers.


The West Campus Gala is the primary source of income and fundraising for the foundation. Each year, a team of volunteers works diligently to plan, prepare, solicit, and execute a wonderful evening of fun, fundraising, and entertainment. Keeping in mind the mission of inclusivity, diversity, and equity, while working towards the goal of funding our initiatives, many considerations go into making the event something for all to enjoy. 

Why do we need to fundraise?

Here are just 10 reasons why:

  1. West Campus lost $150,000 in Title 1 Funding for 2023-2024 school year
  2. West Campus Foundation does NOT charge a membership fee as of 2022. Membership dues raised $5,000-$10,000 in past years.
  3. The Pandemic! Reduced fundraising opportunities and increased costs will be felt for many, many years.
  4. Inflation. Everything costs more.
  5. As of Jan 2024, almost $4,000 of funds have been requested from teachers to supplement their classrooms and student activities.
  6.  West Campus Foundation provides valuable scholarships to graduating seniors.
  7. The Foundation provides over $10,000 in support to the student clubs and classes. Including Senior Projects, Proms, Grad Night, etc.
  8. Covered the cost  of volunteer fingerprinting for over 60 volunteers this year
  9. Arts & Afterschool resources are often not included in school budgets, including $8,000 in referee fees and $8,000 in additional instructor stipends for music.
  10. Because students, staff and the community benefit from increased resources, compassion and care that comes with generosity of those who are willing to invest in our students.

What's new this year?

We’re shaking it up from last year and making a few changes. Here’s a highlight of some new components you can look out for:

  1. Mobile Bidding!
  2. Emcee
  3. New location w/PARKING
  4. Swag bags
  5. Dessert Auction
  6. and more!!!

See below for details!

More about Mobile Bidding!

Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to be on your phones the entire evening. We’re introducing mobile bidding for ONE silent auction round. But, it’s going to be the best of the best items and you’ll want to know when you’re outbid and mobile bidding allows you to do that!

You can set your max spend and hopefully no one else will get close, but just in case you don’t want to lose by $1!

Last bidder wins! Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite item as the closing time will extend if you’re in a bidding war with someone else. So if you are willing to keep spending, the auction will NOT close if bids keep coming in. The time extends each time a bid is entered past closing time until the timer runs out and no more bids have been received.

Why did we do this? Because hovering around the silent auction tables is fun, but you miss out on the chance to sit at your table, chat with friends and explore the other fun activities of the evening. And when you REALLY want to win that item, you can monitor and bid with just a click from your phone.

Do you like comedy? And knowing what’s happening throughout the evening? Well, Morty Stein will be our emcee for the evening, keeping the event running smoothly, making sure you get your final bids in, and allowing your volunteers and band to take the occasional break!

Our most common response when we say the Gala is going to be at the Mack Powell Event Center is…. huh? Yep! It may not be Sacramento’s hottest new restaurant or nightclub, but it is the newly renovated event center for the Sacramento Association of Realtors and it is affordable, has plenty of parking and all the amenities!  

Our focus and goal is to have a successful fundraiser where people have a great time, but we do have to balance the cost of fun with the reality of our true goal- to raise money for West Campus.

So, what to expect at the Mack Powell Event Center? There is parking- a dedicated parking lot so you don’t have to circle the block or parallel park! There are security guards, because yes, no one likes the inconvenience of theft or harassment and security is included with our contract. Modern lighting and technology – we have projectors, TV screens, and custom LED lighting options to really showcase all of our efforts. 

There are many benefits to the location we picked this year and we hope you enjoy the surprise of walking through the doors of the Mack Powell Event Center as we transform it into the West Campus Gala party you’re expecting.

Who doesn’t love SWAG (stuff we always get)? Well, this year we want to keep the long lines down so we’re offering the opportunity to purchase your games, activities, tickets, wine all ahead of time. And the easiest way for us to keep the lines short? By putting all that stuff in a bag for you to pick up if you’ve already checked in online and ordered ahead. And, who knows what you’ll get in the bag beyond that. You’ll have to order, check in and check it out!

Yes, your ticket does include a sweet treat for you, however you will also be presented with the option to bid and purchase a FANCY, delicious, exclusive dessert for you and/or your friends to enjoy at the event. 

Our fantastic volunteers are soliciting, obtaining, and planning on bringing you the very best of desserts Sacramento has to offer. You will see the options available to you and then, you get to bid for the opportunity to pick first! 

Get to know your tablemates, scheme together or treat the team to dessert that will be enjoyed during the silent auction. 

Bidding will be done collaboratively through your phones and the table with the most bids will pick first.